Are you in the club?!

Meet Jen.
Jen feels lost when it comes to fashion.
She doesn’t know how to put together an outfit easily and affordably.
She cringes when she hears the words “trends” or “style.”
She feels like a walking hot mess most of the time.
Jen wants to look put together, stylish and confident without spending tons of time and tons of money, and have fun while doing it.
Can Jen have it all?!

  Yes! Shine Style can help!

The new exclusive Style Club membership will give you everything you need to bring out your inner fashionista - easily, affordably and with LOTS of fun along the way! Let's make 2019 your most stylish year yet!

What are customers saying? 

“Jen is awesome!!! I love the outfits that she puts together! Pieces that you would never think of pairing and VOILA! Jen makes it look easy.....and beautiful!
  Jen is so much fun and knowledgeable with regards to the latest styles and trends. I've tried new things I never would have and it's because of Jen's suggestions!... Thanks Jen for your fashion - tips!!”
  “In love with this store, how it makes me feel as a woman and the styling tips from Jen are unbelievable. Things I would have NEVER tried on that I end up loving - because she simply just knows her stuff. And the prices are unbeatable for boutique clothing that fits every woman, shape and size. Jen is REAL. What she represents is REAL and when I leave this store the feeling I have, as a mom of two with very little self-care, goes miles and miles.”

3 Easy Steps to Unleashing Your Inner Fashionista!

  1. Become a Style Club member. 
2. Once a member, join the private membership group. 
3. Leave the house everyday feeling fabulous! *BAM*
It doesn't get much easier!

   Did you know?

Virtual personal stylist charge up to $150 per hour plus the cost of clothes and finders fees... Yikes! Get all the tips and styling help you need right in the private group. You have full access everyday to our private Style Club community.
Stylists charge a "finders fee" for all clothing and accessories they find after your consultation. No need to go out and search for amazing fashion pieces as a member - Shine Style has everything you need! The membership group gives you access to all the exclusive Style Box outfits ready to go and first dibs on new inventory!
Style subscription boxes charge “styling fees” of $20-25 with every box. There are no additional charges with Shine Style’s Style Boxes - which you get first dibs on as a member before they’re released to everyone else. Woot!

Style Club Member Perks!

Was there something that you wanted and missed out on? Being a Style Club member will get you access to pre-order exclusives on amazing pieces before anyone else.
Want to be the first to know what's new? Style Club members will get first dibs on Style Box outfits and new inventory with exclusive "shop-the-box" sales - only through the private membership group!
Want to pick my brain? I’ll be going LIVE in the private membership group regularly with style tips, Q&A, and new inventory trends!
Want a place to share your fashion struggles and successes? All members have access to a safe and trusting community environment through our private members-only group.
*Style Club members also get special deals and promos that are only available to members*

 Becoming a Style Club member gives you access to:

  • Exclusive member-only LIVE broadcasts; including style tips, Q&A, and private sales!
  • LIVE inventory un-boxing! See and shop new stuff before anyone else!
  • First dibs on Style Box outfits! - outfits that are already put together and ready for purchase!
  • Access to member-only page on website! (coming soon!)
  • VIP shopping parties!
  • Exclusive styling tips!
  • Pre-Order exclusives!
  • Special member-only deals and promos!
  • Fashion trend updates!
  • And best of all, a safe and trusting community environment for you to share your fashion struggles and successes.

All of these perks are only available in the private membership group!

Let Shine Style guide you to fashion success and unleash your inner fashionista!

 New Year, New You!

Join now and never miss out on amazing new pieces.
Never leave the house feeling like a fashion disaster.
Get first dibs on all the amazing new styles.
Get that exclusive VIP experience.
Become a Style Club member!
All this for just $24.99 per month!
(You make that back easily on the exclusive weekly deals you receive!)
No commitment. Cancel at any time.
You can't lose. Give yourself the gift of feeling fabulous.
You deserve it!
See YOU in the Style Club!